Workation Marrakech March 2018

Yay, on March 21 it was time for the first TSD go-getter getaway. 10 business woman, 5 days, 3 masterminds and a lot of food. We had so much fun and everyone added so much value to their businesses. Let’s take you with us on our trip.

Day one – wednesday

A couple of us met at the airport, another part of the group arrived earlier or later. So the first actual meet up was at our beautiful riad in the Kasbah of Marrakech. Everyone introduced themselves and I explained the basic things of the city and the planning of the week. I showed to rooms and surprised the girls with a custom made bag for everyone with some snacks and a info folder inside.

Time for the fist activity! Lunch at one of my favorite spots in town. Here I explained more about Marrakech. The city itself, traditions, cultural things to take in mind, valuta and much more.

When everyone finished all deliciousness, we walked into the Medina – the old town of Marrakech. I explained everything about the route, the prices to pay, the different districts etc. After a short walk with the whole group inside the souks, the girls divided and were going their own way.

After everyone discovered the city for the first time, we met up at the riad again. All the girls took a quick shower and we walked to one of my favorite spots for diner. We had so much fun in getting to know each other, talking and eating the best tajines, that we totally forget to take pictures at the restaurant. We did had an amazing view that we captured though.

Day two – thursday

Good morning! Every day breakfast is served at 9.00 AM and so is today.

After breakfast, it was time for our first mastermind session. The group had so much valuable feedback for every business. The mastermind took hours and even when we were finished, we weren’t done talking. Brainstorming about each other’s companies, giving feedback, helping each other to the next level… man, this gives a heck load of energy! After all that, there was some free time again. A part of the group stayed in the riad to keep working on their businesses, another part went to a hammam and another part went with me to wander around the city.

After walking around the city and meet up with the other part of the group again, we went to another favorite restaurant. They had a show evening, where moroccan people were telling stories about the local life. We weren’t allowed to take pictures, so we didn’t, but did had an amazing evening.

Day three – friday

Breakfast was served a bit earlier this day, because we had to be in time for our yoga class in our riad.

After an amazing yoga class and a fresh shower, it was time for the second masterclass. Everyone took – again – a lot of notes. After a quick break, it was time for a workshop by one of the photographers about making good pictures with your iphone and how to create a gorgeous Instagram feed.

And then it was time for our cooking class. This was so much fun!!! First, we went into the souks to do some shopping. All the girls got a wallet with cash and a grocery list. We went to all the best local suppliers, haggled a bit and got all the items we needed. In the mean time they learned everything about local food, traditions, how it’s made and more.

Then we arrived to a beautiful riad where the aprons were waiting for us and so were three sweet moroccan woman. We cooked multiple traditional dishes. From tajine and briwats to cous cous. After that, we ate (almost) all the food we made with the best company.

Day four – saturday

Saturday was a day off for everyone. Breakfast was included, but all the girls could choose when they wanted it. Some of them slept in, some of them got up early for a day trip to the desert. Some of them stayed in the riad to work all day and some of them explored the city even more.

Day five – sunday

Our last full day in the city! We started this day again with a delicious breakfast, followed by a mastermind session about personal branding.

After this session, I took the girls to two of my favorite spots in the city. Showed them around, tell a bit about the history and some extra information about the city.

The girls did some shootings at those spots as well and the photos turned out so great!

After this day everyone went back to the riad to freshen up. It was time for our closing night! We ate at the famous Djemaa El-Fna square and had a shisha night after. Because you can’t go to Marrakech without doing both!

Day six – monday

We had one last breakfast, chilled a bit in the riad, walked in the city for the last time, packed our suitcases, talked about business and life, made appointments to see each other soon and then said our goodbyes.

Oh boy, it was such an amazing trip! Valuable for everyone’s company. Some made partners for life, two even started a second company together after meeting each other on this trip, how amazing is that? Do you also want to join? Fill in the form!

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