Tips for your wedding in hot temperatures

You probably chose Marrakech as your wedding destination because the city is beautiful and the weather is amazing. The hot weather is one of the reasons why we love Marrakech as much as we do. You are sure that your wedding day will be under a blue sky, your guests can wear gorgeous summer outfits and you probably won’t have a drop of rain on your big day. However, the heat is something you have to keep in mind during your wedding day. We don’t want your guests to get overheated, right? Don’t worry, we have the best tips for you on how to survive your wedding in hot Moroccan temperatures!

Choose an airy wedding dress

When you are shopping for your wedding dress, make sure to keep the weather circumstances in mind. For your dress, it is best to pick a one without too many layers and lace is always a good option. A dress with a lot of layers will be too hot for your wedding ceremony, and the lace will make sure you have some air that to cool you down. Dresses with a split also work really well!

Hot weather wedding tips

Pick natural materials

When you are looking for the groom’s suit, the fabric you pick is really important. Because grooms are often wearing both a blouse and a jacket, they feel hot quickly, especially during the day. It is better to keep the materials breathable. Good fabrics for the groom’s suit are for example linen and cotton. Pro tip: make sure your groom has an extra blouse so he can switch into a fresh one during the day.

High splits and sleeveless dresses

For your female guests and your bridesmaids, we also have some tips. If you want your bridesmaids to wear a long dress, you can decide to go for a dress with a high split or with spaghetti straps (or both). Long dresses with sleeves can be way too hot during your wedding in the Moroccan temperatures, so it is a great option to add a split or to remove the sleeves for a more heat-appropriate dress.

Hot temperature wedding tips

Plan your ceremony at the right time

When you plan your wedding in Marrakech, it is best to host your ceremony at the end of the afternoon. The ceremony normally starts around 4pm and 5pm. This is the perfect time because the heat is not too much, the sun slowly starts setting and you have the whole day to prepare yourself.

Hair up instead of down

Besides thinking about the right fabric for your dress, you also need to think about the hairstyle that you want during your ceremony. Wearing your hair down is probably too hot, so it is a better idea to wear your hair up. You can go for a low bun or a ponytail. But if you want parts of your hair down, you can go for a half-up hairstyle to keep it a little bit cooler than all of your hair down.

Food and drinks

When you have all of the outfits ready for the hot weather in Marrakech, you need to think about what you are going to serve during your wedding day. When you are serving appetizers during the cocktail party, it is best to keep it light and refreshing. For you and your guests, it is also important to have enough to drink during the whole day. It is an option to have bottles of water everywhere, or you can pick a more fun option and go for flavoured water. Your guests will be very happy with the option to get water at every moment of the day.

Hot temperature wedding tips

Hats or hand fans

When you plan your wedding on a really hot day, it is a nice option to provide your guests with something that can block out the sun from their faces. A great example for this are hats or hand fans. At the beginning of the ceremony, you can provide everyone with a hat or a hand fan which they can use during the ceremony. The hats will give them some shade during the ceremony and the hand fans will provide them with some cool air when they wave it. This is not only very useful for the ceremony, but it is also the perfect gift for them to bring home.

Hot temperature wedding tips


Sunblock is something we all know protects us from the sun, so definitely don’t forget this one on your wedding day. The sun in Marrakech can be really strong, so remind your guests that they bring their own sunblock to your wedding or provide them with a small travel-size sunblock tube. Your guests will definitely appreciate this useful little gift!

Pick the right flowers and decor

Last, but definitely not least, think about the flowers you use and the decor you pick. Some flowers cannot stand the hot moroccan temperatures during your wedding, so you have to pick your flowers and decor carefully. Ask your florist for advice on what flowers will do best during the heat and pick your flowers according to that. It would be a waste if your flowers would die during your wedding day.

Hot temperature wedding tips

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