Marrakech wedding favours ideas

The souks in Marrakech are filled with goodies, traditional items and a lot of fun things. When you organise a destination wedding, how fun is it to surprise your guests with a something from the souks of Marrakech? We listed some ideas for Marrakech wedding favours to give your guests as a thank you.

Before telling you our best Marrakech wedding favor ideas, there are some things to keep in mind when shopping for wedding favors.

The first tip is to keep in mind that the guests have to take the gift back home. This means that it should fit in their suitcase or backpack (depends on what they bring). The wedding favours should not be too big or heavy and it is best if they're not too fragile.

The second tip is that guests love useful gifts. We all receive stuff that ends up in the bin which is a waste in many ways. Guests will love your gift even more when it's useful. They will remember your wedding day every time they use or see your gift.

Our third tip is to shop local! The best Marrakech wedding favours can be found in the souks, and whether this is in Marrakech or somewhere else, it is always a great idea to support the local shops. They will be more than happy to help to provide you with the best favours and service, while you get the best price possible. Your guests will love the local products and they will feel even more connected to the country where you decided to get married.

Mini Tagines

The first wedding favour idea is mini tagines. Morocco is known for their delicious tagines. You can use the mini tagines as a little snack-box. Fill them with anything you like, we love to use sugared almonds! A mini tagine may isn't the best option for transport, but they are small and easy to wrap in a t-shirt to bring home. This wedding favour will make sure your guests take the feeling of the Moroccan cuisine home.

Marrakech wedding favours favors wedding planner Morocco


Another great Marrakech wedding favour is hats. Because the temperature can get high and the sun is bright in Marrakech, it is nice to give your guests something to protect them from the sun. In the souks, you have endless amount of options for hats, so you will for sure find a bunch you like for your guests. This is the perfect gift to give to your guests during lunch on the day after your wedding. Want to make it more personal? Have their names embroidered on the hats!

Marrakech wedding favours favors wedding planner Morocco


Babouches are traditional Moroccan slippers that are worn by men, women and children. These slippers come in every color, pattern and fabric possible and it a really fun gift to give to your guests. They are easy to take with you and your guests will love this traditional wedding favour! Pro tip: fill a basket with babouches for the party, if your female guests are tired of wearing their heels, they can replace them with babouches that they can take home. Everyone will love this!

Marrakech wedding favours favors wedding planner Morocco

Argan oil, spices and tea

The Moroccan souks are known for their argan oil, spices and tea. So this could be a super fun Marrakech wedding favour too! A nice idea for your wedding guests is to provide them with a small surprise basket at their hotel. This basket can be filled with a small towel, Argan oil (you can even make a DIY hammam package) and some spices and tea that they can bring home. A perfect gift to welcome them to the country and super useful (and delicious) for them too.

Marrakech wedding favours favors wedding planner Morocco

Hand fans

Hand fans are great wedding favours to give to your guests during the ceremony. They are really useful, are a fun gift to take home and look nice on your wedding pictures. Your guests will appreciate these traditional Marrakech wedding favours during the ceremony, especially since it can get quite hot.

Marrakech wedding favours favors wedding planner Morocco

Raffia baskets

When you plan to invite children to your wedding, it is always a good idea to give them something special and different gifts than the adults. Kids love things with their names on it, so you can customise raffia baskets. Guaranteed that they will love this favour and that they will carry it around everywhere.

Marrakech wedding favours favors wedding planner Morocco

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