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Many aspects of your wedding are optional. You can wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress, you can get tattoos instead of rings and you can skip the wedding cake. But there is one thing you can’t skip for your wedding: the venue. After all, you’ve got to have a place where you can say your big fat YES! Wedding venues in Marrakech can be hard to find. There are a couple ones very easy to Google, but the hidden gems are really hidden. In this blog we’ll give you a few of our tips for finding and selecting your dream venue. 

Talk to a planner first if you try to find the perfect venue in Marrakech

Of course, we had to include this. But only because it’s super important. Especially in a country as Morocco. Things always go a little different here. That’s what makes it special and incredible, but also difficult to organise a destination wedding by yourself. Planners are familiar with the venues, know the secret ones, know how service orientated they are and can find the perfect fit for you. Curious to some of the venues we selected for our previous couples? See our portfolio here

One or multiple venues?

Most couples select one wedding venue in Marrakech for the majority of their wedding activities. If you do too, make sure the venue is big enough and has multiple options on the grounds. In that way, you can host the welcome dinner, ceremony, cocktail, dinner and party all at different areas. This is incredible to keep on surprising your guests, plus it’s much easier for the vendors to set up without disturbing your guests.

Decide about your wedding vision

This might sound obvious, but you can get carried away by seeing all those stunning venues online. Keep your vision and style for the wedding in mind while selecting your favourite ones. For modern weddings, you could look at new buildings, square designs and eclectic interiors. If you’re going for an outdoor wedding, look for venues in the Atlas Mountains, Lalla Takerkoust, Palmeraie or closer to the Agafay desert. Choose a venue that fits your theme so you’ll feel more connected to the space and your decorations will enhance the space. Also, determine if you want a plain venue, so you can go all out with the decorations, or if you prefer a venue that is decorated already (or doesn’t need to be e.g. because of the view) so you don’t have to add much. 

Know your numbers

You have to know how many guests you’re expecting before you can look at venues. If you’re planning a small wedding, a bigger Riad in the Medina (old city) could work very well, but if you have a big guest list, you need more space. Couples often underestimate how many people they will invite and expect that not everyone will join as it’s a destination wedding. But if you choose a venue that is too small for your guest list, you might be in a tricky situation. Make sure to know your numbers, have that conversation in advance with your partner and guests, so you can narrow down optional venues. 

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Keep your budget in mind 

Know the budget you have for the venue and think in advance about the costs you or the guests will cover. If you choose a wedding venue in Marrakech where a big part of your guests can stay at, do you cover those room costs or do you ask them to contribute? If you start inquiring at venues, give them your draft timeline and ask them to quote each item. Also food, beverage, decoration, airport transfers et cetera. Those things can really drive up the costs. 

Think about the guests

Most venues in Marrakech don’t have more than 20 rooms. If you have a bigger guest list, make sure that there are accommodations nearby the wedding venues you have in mind so all of your guests can stay nearby. Also, some guests might like to sleep in the Medina (old city), so it would be great to offer some accommodations there too. 

Find out how flexible they are and what’s included

Some wedding venues in Marrakech are full-service, meaning you can’t bring your own vendors and decoration. While others want you to bring in everything. A venue with decoration, tables, chairs et cetera included might cost more than a venue where you have to rent everything, but you can only compare properly once you add the price from a rental company. The last option allows a lot more flexibility with selecting items that fit into your style and vision. 

Become a stalker

If you have found a couple of wedding venues that you like, stalk them. Not personally, but online. Search online to find other weddings held at that venue, scroll through their social media, search videos to get a better impression of the grounds. This way, you will get a more personal look at the venue. 

Go visit (it’s so much fun!)

I always recommend to my couples to select a top three and visit them. Venues often look different on photos than in real life. It’s one of the most important days of your life so you should feel good walking around. Same as when you buy a house, sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t. Having a top three and visiting them will make it much easier for you to choose (plus it’s so much fun). Pro tip: make sure all three have one or two of your preferable dates in option, so when you choose your perfect venue, you’re sure that they can host your wedding. Don’t forget to cancel the other options!

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