July 23, 2019

6 reasons to elope


Maybe you’ve seen us posting about elopements on our Instagram or here on the website. We love them! And lucky for us, we’re already planning three elopements in Morocco in 2020. Though we quite often notice it’s still an unfamiliar definition for some. Time to change that up and tell you more about the meaning of an elopement.

What is an elopement wedding?

Did your mind go to hopping on a plane and tie the knot in Vegas? Running off to get married in secret because parents don’t approve? You’re not alone. Those things might have been true once, which caused that elopements continue to be a misunderstood topic.

Nowadays, when people talk about an elopement, they often refer to a very intimate wedding conducted at a distant location that is focused on you. Most of the couples fly off to a beautiful foreign destination, have a wedding ceremony (whether it’s official or not) in secret, take loads of photos and celebrate with friends and family back home. It’s intentionally small (normally up to twelve guests maximum), intimate and authentic.

Why should you elope?

More and more couples decide to choose an elopement over a traditional wedding. If you’re not sure whether you want to elope or not, this blog might help you decide. You can strip away all the pressure, anxiety, traditions or obligations that come with planning a traditional wedding. It doesn’t matter where you go, what you’re doing or who you doing it with. It’s about bringing the focus back to the two of you.

1. You want to skip traditions and expectations
Weddings are done for ages and therefore carry a lot of traditions. Your family might expect a certain wedding when you get engaged. If that don’t resonate with you, an elopement is an easy way out. It offers freedom to create your own day, with or without traditions. Your day, your rules. Focus on how you and your partner want it, without anyone else’s opinion how you ‘should’ do it. And yes, if you elope you might have to deal with friends or family members who are upset because they can’t be there. But there are ways to deal with that as well.

Wedding Essaouira elopement planner

2. You hate being the center of attention
As a wedding planner, I experience this a lot. My bridal couples can’t wait to see each other, but some are anxious about being the center of attention the whole day. If you’re more an introvert person, an elopement might be the answer. Public speaking makes people nervous in general, and saying your vows makes you very vulnerable. It’s beautiful to do it in front of all the people you love, but if you’re more anxious about the crowd than the vows, an elopement might be less overwhelming to you.

3. You want an intimate day
That’s enough reason. As we said above, elopements are much more intimate than an elaborate wedding. And maybe you find that intimacy much more romantic. Sit down with a glass of wine and start picturing your ideal wedding. Where would it be? Who would be with you? If you imagine getting hitched in a more private setting, reading vows, taking photos, followed by a magical 1001 candlelit dinner with only the people you love the most, an elopement could be the perfect move.

4. You have a tight budget
Most of the wedding budget goes to the guests. Which makes sense, because you want everyone to experience a day full of love. But when you give all your guests the full experience, the rates for food and drinks can get really high. If you choose to elope and only invite a few of your closest friends and family – or none at all – you can save a lot and spend more on photography, flowers and your own accommodations.

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5. You want to get married sooner than later
Although we plan most of our elopements a year in advance, an elopement can be a quick way to get married. Maybe you’re pregnant and you want to tie the know before the baby arrives. Maybe you want to emigrate and begin married makes it easier. Whatever the reason, if you want to get married as soon as possible, an elopement is much easier to arrange than a big wedding.

6. Families aren’t supportive or not getting along
Divorced parents who can’t be in a room together? Different opinions about religions? Parents who don’t want you to marry your partner? You want everyone to be supportive and over the moon, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. And if it is, eloping may eliminate a lot of tension and fear. It allows you to create a day where your love and support for each other is all that matters.

Elopement in Morocco

We are specialised in organising elopements in Morocco. Whether you choose Marrakech, the desert, Fes, the mountains or another beautiful place. We got you covered. We offer two packages to help you create your dream elopement. Get in touch and we’ll tell you all about it!

Marrakech wedding planner agafay desert scarabeo camp

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE elaborate weddings. But we love elopements just as much. We’re here to let couples know that your wedding doesn’t have to be a certain way. Your wedding is your day and your choice how it happens.


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