Planning a retreat: most common mistakes

In this blog we will tell you the most common mistakes that retreat leaders make while planning a retreat. Watch and learn how to plan a retreat by knowing the most frequent mistakes so you can avoid them. Better safe than sorry!

Planning a retreat mistake 1: It is not just about classes or workshops

While the focus of your retreat might be business or yoga, it is not the only thing attendees sign up for. There are more hours in a day to fill besides all the workshops and classes you will host. People expect a well-rounded experience and you are their guide. You are responsible for their experience and they will rely on you. 

Mistake 2: You will work your ass off

Organizing and hosting a successful retreat requires a lot of organization, dedication and hard work. You made a good step already by reading this blog about mistakes while planning a retreat. Running the retreat itself is no different. It’s not teaching two hours and laying by the pool the rest of the day. You’ll need to be available for your attendees, chat with them, run everything smoothly, arrange last minute details, take care of food and drinks, connect with your vendors, deal with changes, and sort out any other issues. 

Mistake 3: People have expectations 

Attendees are not traveling to just take one or two classes, they want a deeper experience as well as a vacation. They want to connect with other attendees (and you have to provide guidelines for them), they want to learn, grow and develop. You need to keep them entertained and convince them that joining the retreat is much more valuable than just going on a vacation on their own. Keep this in mind while planning a retreat.

Mistake 4: You have to spend money

A retreat is a good way to make money without having too many costs in advance. But you will have some costs and it’s important to not overlook them. You possibly have to put a deposit on the accommodation, buy tickets, create marketing materials, spend money in setting up your business, possibly invest in educating yourself about how to plan a retreat and use tools and systems that make the planning process easier. 

Mistake 5: Things will change and problems will arise

Don’t expect everything to go as planned. Having good planning is super important, but the ability to adjust is too. You are possibly working in a new country with a different culture and work ethic than you’re used to. Also, you’re new in the field and you’re working with people, so don’t expect your first retreat - or any in general - to pass by without a problem. Just keep in mind that it’s all about how you will deal with the situation, especially when it comes to vendors or attendees.

More information about planning a retreat?

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