How to start a retreat business

Planning a retreat is a lot of work - more than you probably expect - but doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know what to do. So, we created a step by step guide to make sure you know how to start a retreat business and what you need to do. In this blog, we give you a checklist for planning a retreat, but we have a full 7 week program that goes into detail of each and every step. Retreats made easy! We will teach you everything so you become a better retreat leader and make more money and add more value for you attendees. 

Step 1: Set a solid retreat base 

  • Determine what kind of retreat you want to organise (think about yoga retreats, business retreats, wellness retreats and much much more).
  • Make an ideal client persona and find out what they want 
  • Determine your goals with this new retreat business 

Step 2: Create a unique retreat offer that sells

  • Pick the right retreat destination, retreat accommodation or center and the perfect timing for your retreat
  • Create the perfect itinerary for your retreat
  • Decide if you want to work with co-host and guest speakers your retreat
How to start a retreat business

Step 3: Price your retreat and learn how to make money doing retreats 

  • Price your retreat in a way that is profitable, compensates your time and of course in a way that it will sell 
  • Add pricing strategies to increase sales for your retreats, such as discounts

Now you now more about how to start a retreat business, but you're not there yet. Let's continue to the next three steps.

Step 4: The Customer Journey for your retreat attendees 

  • Find out the pain points motivations of your retreat attendees in order to influence them
  • Create a pre and post retreat experience for your attendees 

Step 5: Design your marketing plan for your retreats

  • Get more brand awareness and learn how to promote your retreat online
  • Determine how you will implement user generated content and word of mouth for your retreat
  • Start using social media as a marketing tool to sell out your retreats

Step 6: Sell your retreats to prospects

  • Start with email marketing and make sure you have a sales page about your retreat that converts (retreat landing page on your website)
  • Call prospects with a detailed call strategy to fill your retreat

Step 7: Protect yourself and your retreat attendees 

  • Insurances and legalities for your retreats (look at international retreat insurances)
  • Insolvency protection and liability waivers for your retreat (look at example retreat legal forms)

You could be that person who hosts successful retreats at the most stunning locations with a bunch of inspiring people around you. Do you think you know everything about how to start a retreat business? After organising sold out retreats for more than three years, we figured it all out. And we’re giving all our secrets away in our ‘How to set up a retreat business in 7 weeks’ program. Best part? You can join, click here!

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