Wedding Kasbah Bab Ourika planner Marrakech

Sirine & Vincent

Gijs & Chloe


atlas mountains

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desert & palmeraie

atlas mountains

Vincent & Sirine

Gijs & Chloe

Gijs and Chloe had a wonderful wedding weekend at Kasbah Bab Ourika. They celebrated a whole weekend with their loved ones at this stunning venue in the Atlas Mountains.

This Belgium couple started their wedding weekend in the desert with a Moroccan experience for their guests, and celebrated the rest of their wedding in a beautiful venue in the Palmeraie.


desert wedding

James & Chantal

Everald & Krista

This couple was magical, and so was their elopement. It was editorial, but super romantic at the same time. They had a beautiful day in the old city, and exchanged their vows in the desert.

James & Chantal had a beautiful intimate celebrated with their loved ones. Their first day in the middle of nowhere in the desert, followed by a classy wedding celebration.