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Are you playing with the idea to start organising retreats but have no idea where to start? Are you struggling to determine the right price for your retreat? Are you procrastinating your ideas because it’s a completely new industry you’re about to enter? Or are you looking to improve your current retreats? Are you not sure about your marketing and sales strategy to get sold out with lovely attendees every single time?

We’ve been through it and our clients have been too. They keep walking around with the idea to organise retreats, don’t know where to start, are struggling to find attendees, price their retreat too low or they thought it would just be a nice holiday but they can’t put in all the hours of work that it’s actually requiring and don't make enough profit.

Imagine having a step by step program to create your ideal retreat offering. A program in which you will learn everything there is to know about organising retreats. How would you feel if you know you have everything covered? If you had a great pricing strategy with financial success as a result? If you can follow a proven marketing and sales strategy so you will end up with sold out retreats over and over again?


...who host successful retreats at the most stunning locations with a bunch of inspiring people around you. After organising sold out retreats for more than three years, we figured it all out. And we’re giving all our secrets away in this course.


"I joined two of Claimy’s retreat as a guest speaker and I was so surprised and impressed by the quality of the retreats. She chose the most challenging form of entrepreneurship in a country where everything is so different, and yet she walks around like she’s a local. She has a talent that I have never seen at anyone else. The ability to create a group of woman who will trust each other completely, help and know each other in such a short timeframe. She puts so much love and energy in every single retreat that the quality is extremely high."

I would love to guide you for 7 weeks in my retreat program. A program that is a proven success. After completing this course:

You have your retreat offer designed from scratch. One that you love to organise and that fits the needs of your clients perfectly

You have your destination, accommodation and amazing itinerary ready

You priced your retreat in a way it’s profitable and will give you financial success

You know exactly when and how to interact with prospects in order to sell your retreat

You know which marketing strategies will work and won’t work to sell out every retreat you’re planning

You know how to protect yourself, your business and your attendees legally

And much, much more!

Mistakes to avoid while planning a retreat


"Claimy's retreat was the highlight of 2019 for me. She had everything organised down to perfection. Her insider knowledge and organisational skills were unrivalled meaning we had the ideal group of people and a great balance of activities that worked well for everyone. Claimy is a wealth of knowledge and such a wonderful spirit to learn from."

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👉🏼 The 7 week program including 17 modules, 3 bonuses and assignments to dig in completely.

👉🏼 A 1-on-1 coaching call after week 3 to keep you accountable and make sure you follow the steps in the right way. To discuss the retreat offer that you created before you move on to the customer journey.

👉🏼 A 1-on-1 coaching call after you finished the program to discuss your sales strategy and tweak where necessary.

👉🏼 Feedback on the 100+ assignments that you will hand in and Claimy will check personally.

👉🏼 Monthly Q&A and digital drinks with other retreat organisers via Zoom to ask questions and chat about the business.

The total worth of all of the above is €6775,- but you can join now for only €2997,-. And you know what? With only 1 retreat you can make at least double!

This is matters because following your dreams is important. If you dream about organising retreats, you have to push through. But, you need to do it in the right way and you need to be willing to put in the work. And you know what? Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

Ps. a little warning. Once you start organising successful retreats, it becomes an addiction.


Claimy Anthonissen

I'll be your retreat coach throughout these 2 months. In the past three years, I've organized more than 50 profitable and successful retreat experiences and I'm here to teach you EVERYTHING I learned along the way.

Tested, implemented and ready to only teach you the GOOD stuff. So you can start living your dream life too.

Let's do what we love and do a lot of it.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to go through the course material?


This program will help you plan your retreat (business) in 7 weeks, but you will need more time to actual promote and host your retreat. We'll say about 2 months to plan, 4 months to promote and then it's time to go on that AMAZING experience!


How will I access the course material?


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